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“Like tributaries flowing into a river, this program channeled my strengths, values, passions and personal brand into a cohesive picture. This enabled me to leverage “the BEST of who I am” to create an actionable plan for making the necessary changes in my life.”

– Ana Cosentino, Executive Director

How it Works

Scale your professional summit. Start with the Acclimate to Accelerate program and climb your way to success with our Black Diamond programs.


Acclimate to Accelerate

To achieve your greatest success, you first need to “acclimate” by clarifying: what you’re good at, what’s important to you, what your passions are, what you most want to be known for, and what your vision is for your personal and professional life. Once you “acclimate” you can accelerate your progress. You’ll know where to focus your time and energy to get your best results and feel greater satisfaction.


Black Diamond Performance

Black Diamond Performance expands your focus to how to interact with others to get even better results than you’ve gotten in the past. By understanding style differences, you can adapt your interactions to be most effective across all situations.


Double Black Diamond Leadership

Double Black Diamond Leadership takes your performance to the next level. By starting with an assessment of your emotional intelligence (EQ), you’ll learn how to “raise the bar” even further as a leader.
Since studies show that 85% of a leader’s success is driven by their EQ so you’ll learn how these valuable skills will serve you to drive employee engagement, further develop your executive presence and inspire your employees to achieve their greatest potential.

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Being in this program has been very valuable for me, in many ways. I really appreciated how the program walked me step-by-step through a process of self-reflection that I’d never done before.

Also, having the regular calls with such an amazing group of leaders was really eye opening and encouraging. Donna set the tone for such a supportive and inspiring group. The whole process has been enlightening for me!

Arline Gunter - Solution Delivery Consultant

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What makes success compass different?

One of the reasons my clients choose me is that I have an extensive career as a leader in tech. My company, Success Compass, delivers a unique blend of consulting, coaching and training to guide leaders in technology and their organizations toward accelerated growth while achieving greater results. By taking a practical approach with proven tools and techniques, you make progress quickly on your goals. And you’re equipped to continue the momentum by applying what you learn well beyond our time together!

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Find out how to position yourself for growth using my Personal Branding Framework.

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