Every professional has found themselves in a position where they are dissatisfied with their job. Fifty-one percent of current employees are considering switching jobs.  So how do you avoid becoming a part of this statistic? The trick to combating a less-than-ideal position can be found in this episode of The Success Talk Show, where I give you the top 5 strategies to turn a mediocre job into a stellar one. Optimal levels of productivity, wellness, and fulfillment only comes from working in a position that you love. You don’t want to miss this episode – it could turn your career around!

Strategy #1 – Use your current mindset to prepare for future roles

Mindset is everything when it comes to combatting dissatisfaction with your job. It can either be a detrimental hindrance or a motivational tool. By switching your mindset from one of unhappiness and frustration into one of growth and development, you can utilize your time to prepare for any future roles. I encourage you to be creative and strategic in imagining how your current role can be useful if you prepare to look for a new position. Don’t miss the rest of this great strategy – be sure to check out the full episode of The Success Talk Show.

Strategy #2 – Use your resume as a tool to improve your current position

After adopting a new mindset at work, you can start to view your resume as a tool to continue improving your current employment situation. Evaluating your resume as if you were beginning the job search will shine a spotlight on where your gaps in education, training, or experience may be. You want to be able to point to tangible, measurable results on your resume, not just hiring terminology. It also forces you to be extremely clear and specific on what type of job you want and may even assist you in identifying if your current job can be modified to be more fulfilling.

Strategy #3 – Identify your favorite aspects of your current job

One of the most powerful ways to shift your mindset can come after you thoughtfully identify the best parts of your current job. Whether it be training new hires, engaging in new technology, or researching innovative ideas, make a considerable effort to place yourself in a situation where you can work more in these areas. You may not be able to overhaul your entire job, but you can take steps towards a happier, more productive work environment. You certainly want to catch the 4th and 5th strategies for creating your dream job, so be sure to listen to this episode!

How your core values are critically important in the workplace

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when you’re dissatisfied with your job is, “Is there a need of mine that is not being met?” After dedicated self-reflection, you can start to identify action steps that can be taken to address these needs. It may even be approached with your superior in the form of a coaching conversation, where you can ask how to proactively address these unmet needs for the betterment of the organization and your own satisfaction. For more information on addressing unmet workplace needs, and to discover the next steps in the job satisfaction process, don’t miss out on this stellar episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:44] I introduce the topic for this episode, “5 Strategies to Turn a Job You Hate into a Job You Love”
  • [8:02] Strategy #1 – Use your current mindset to prepare you for future roles
  • [10:03] Strategy #2 – Update your resume using your new mindset
  • [14:00] Strategy #3 – Make a list of work activities that you love
  • [17:15] Strategy #4 – Spread the word!
  • [18:12] Strategy #5 – Identify your core values
  • [21:40] Completed the five strategies? What’s next?

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