As a leader, a number of things that wind up on your plate can cause you to feel like you are not in control. But you can be in control if you are on top of your game when it comes to productivity. On this episode of the podcast, I share 7 habits that will help you increase your productivity as a leader by putting you in a place of daily control over your responsibilities. I’m confident that if you learn and apply these habits to your life you’ll see dramatic changes in your level of productivity and ability to lead. Why am I so confident? Because that’s exactly what happened in my life. You can hear how it happened on this episode.

When your daily plan is written out it serves as a roadmap to keep you on course.

One of the habits that has changed the way I work is the habit of writing out a daily plan for each and every day. I write it out the night before and keep it beside me on my desk as I’m working. That way I can refer to it easily and find my way back to what I was doing go back when I get derailed by a teammate or off track myself. I’ve found that this one habit is a powerful way to reclaim time and increase productivity because it’s an extremely practical way to set yourself up for success. You can hear how the habit works and learn my best practices by listening to this episode.

It’s vital to work on your most important priorities first thing each day.

All tasks are not created equal. We know intuitively that some of the things we do are more important, more vital to our role and our company than others. I learned a few years back that for that reason alone it’s important to tackle the highest priority tasks of my day before I allow the lesser priority tasks to crowd my schedule. When I’ve got my most important items nailed down early in the day, I’ve already made the day a success, which builds momentum and motivation for everything that follows. Don’t miss my 7 habits to increase productivity and amplify leadership. I share them on this episode.

Do you know how to negotiate the commitments you make in your workplace?

If you are in a leadership position in your organization where you answer to others higher up in the organization, you may be asked to commit to things throughout your workday that don’t fit into the plan you’ve made for your day. What can you do when that happens? I call it “negotiating your commitments” and it involves offering alternatives to provide the help they are seeking while protecting the priorities you’ve set for yourself. You can hear how this strategy works and how it can amplify your leadership productivity, on this episode.

You can’t do it all, and more importantly, you shouldn’t try.

Each of us is designed with a unique mix of talents, abilities, skills, and gifts that equip us to accomplish certain kinds of tasks with energy and passion. But there are also tasks we are responsible for that don’t energize us and for which we have little passion. In order to increase productivity as a leader, we’ve got to build a habit of focusing on the things that we are best at doing, the things we are uniquely wired to do. Everything else needs to be delegated to others on the team who are strong in those areas. This habit creates a win-win, enabling everyone on the team to operate in their areas of strength. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to this episode and learn how you can build the habits that will increase your leadership productivity.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Why it’s important for leaders to have great productivity habits.
  • [3:50] Habit #1: Create a plan for the week that contains your 3 top goals.
  • [8:20] Habit #2: Plan your days the day before.
  • [10:19] Habit #3: Tackle your highest priority tasks first thing every day.
  • [12:46] Habit #4: Use your plan for the day to guide your attention.
  • [15:10] Habit #5: Learning to say “no” or negotiate commitments.
  • [17:50] Habit #6: Learn to delegate the things you are not best at doing.
  • [21:30] Habit #7: Make a routine around care for yourself (sleep, nutrition, exercise)

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