Developing a strong team that not only produces great results but also enjoys working with one another is an art as well as a science. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I walk you through seven strategies to building a high performance team. Not having forward progress is often the downfall of many organizations but by following these steps you can encourage productivity and reap the benefits of amazing end-goal results. Listen to the full audio to avoid missing a key strategy!

Focusing on strengths is critical to creating a high performance team

You can take the overall results of the team to the next level by leveraging the strengths of each team member — including you, as the leader.  Collaboration increases dramatically when each team member focuses on what they do best, and they understand and leverage each other’s strengths.  Listen to the complete episode to discover the keys!

Learning and growth are key drivers of engagement

People need to feel that they’re learning and growing within an organization. This is accomplished by ensuring team members can connect the dots between current tasks and future visions and goals. On this episode, I explain why most process improvement initiatives fail and how success rates improve if learning components are integrated throughout an organization. You don’t want to miss these crucial team performance insights!

 Greater performance comes from recognizing accomplishments

Every team member has a preferred style of receiving recognition and praise. In order to encourage members to work effectively and efficiently, it’s crucial for a leader to recognize and shine a spotlight on a team’s progress and success. This can be initiated by simply asking team members “how do you appreciate praise?” Recognition can be delivered in a variety of creative and engaging ways, and shouldn’t be saved for the end of a project or mission. For the full seven strategies to develop a high performance team, be sure to listen to this engaging episode of The Success Talk Show

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:52] Introduction of this episode’s topic:  7 Strategies to Developing a High Performance Team
  • [4:22] Strategy #1 – Be clear on your own strengths
  • [6:11] Strategy #2 – Focus on the strengths of your team
  • [9:10] Strategy #3 – Invest in the development of each person
  • [9:11] Strategy #4 – Have a written game plan for tracking success
  • [18:09] Strategy #5 – Address problems quickly and engage people with the right skills
  • [22:00] Strategy #6 – Shine a spotlight on your team’s progress and success
  • [26:23] Strategy #7 – Give each team member the recognition they deserve
  • [30:07] I offer a recap on how to develop high performance teams

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