As a leader, it’s essential that you know how to foster trust with the people you lead. It’s the basis for almost everything you’ll be able to accomplish in any leadership position. In this episode, I share some things I’ve learned about building trust. These concepts were emphasized in a very influential book I read years ago, “The Speed of Trust.” These 9 tips or strategies for fostering trust will enable you to create the environment in which your leadership will thrive and your company and teams will grow. And I give you practical strategies about each tip to help you get moving, so don’t miss out.

The power of trust: How do you respond if someone you trust makes a request of you?

If you want to see a real-life example of how powerful it is for leaders to have the trust of others, just turn the situation around and ask yourself this question: How do you respond if someone you trust makes a request of you? How would YOU answer the question? Most likely, you’ll be willing to help the person if you trust them. You’ll also take action sooner and go the extra mile to do what they ask with excellence if they are someone you trust. But if you don’t trust them your response will be far different, won’t it? In this episode, I tell the story of a senior leader I once knew who demonstrated repeatedly that he was not trustworthy and I describe the impact it had on the entire team and ultimately, the company. Be sure you listen.

Whether your team trusts you as a leader or not will impact the bottom line.

It may not be easy to see the direct line between a leader’s trustworthiness and the bottom line of profitability, but you can be sure the two are directly related. When a leader is not trusted by the people he leads they will be slow to respond to his directives and requests, which cost the company time and therefore money. But when trust for the leader is strong, effectiveness is the natural result. In this episode, I give you 9 strategies or approaches to fostering greater trust with your team that will enable you to impact your team’s overall productivity and effectiveness in a very positive way.

When leaders keep their commitments they foster trust by demonstrating integrity.

One of the things that is vitally important to any leader’s ability to lead is his or her integrity. If your team doesn’t trust that you are a person who lives according to his/her values, your leadership will suffer. A great way to demonstrate that you are a leader with high integrity is the simple task of keeping to your commitments. When your team knows that you do what you say, arrive at meetings when you say you will, and follow up on assignments as promised, they will believe you when you cast vision and lead the way into the future. It’s a valuable lesson I want you to learn so your leadership can grow and your team can thrive. Listen to this episode to hear more of the principles of building trust that can set you up for greater leadership success.

If you want to foster trust you need to shine a light on your results.

Nobody likes to brag, but as a leader, you need to realize that much of the trust you gain comes from the results you get. That means people need to know about your results and that you can’t be shy when it comes to talking about them. When you strategically weave the outcomes and accomplishments of your team into conversations throughout the company, when you find creative ways to champion the contributions people on your team have made to successful projects, you’ll discover that people want to be affiliated with your success and will more easily trust you to lead the way forward. In this episode I highlight 9 approaches to fostering trust as a leader, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] How I’ve come to have trust as my highest value.
  • [2:20] 4 core elements of credibility.
  • [4:21] A story of a senior leader whose behavior eroded trust – and how it impacted me.
  • [8:23] Integrity matters.
  • [11:32] Intent is powerful in establishing trust.
  • [15:55] Your capabilities impact how much people will trust you.
  • [19:00] Look at the gap between where you are and where you need to be (create a personal development plan)
  • [23:23] Develop quantifiable success metrics so you can measure results and foster trust.

Resources & People Mentioned