Do you want to increase your confidence and be seen as a confident leader? On this episode, I describe what confidence looks like and lay out five strategies that you can use to build your confidence. Get started by thinking about the specific circumstances when you feel the most confident and when you feel the least confident. These are clues that may point you to specific areas that you can work on. Then listen to this episode and begin to apply the five strategies so that you can strengthen your confidence.

Why you need to know your strengths and weaknesses

What percentage of your work is made up of activities that play to your strengths? That percentage has a direct correlation to your sense of confidence. Being clear about what you’re good at and what you’re not, and owning it, is the foundation for being a confident leader. On this episode, I encourage you to get clear on your strengths and weaknesses and to navigate your choices so that you are doing more of what you are really good at.

How reality testing can help you be a confident leader

Do you have a tendency to get derailed by negative self-talk? Reality testing can help you overcome those negative thoughts. On this episode, I explain how looking at the reality of your past experiences and successes can reinforce your confidence and help you know what you can do in a specific situation. You will learn how to use data and evidence from your past track record to strengthen your confidence.

Improving EQ skills is essential for a confident leader

Improving your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills will help you develop your confidence as a leader. On this episode, I encourage you to choose to work on one EQ skill that correlates with the area where you need to focus. For more details, you can go back and listen to a past episode about the skill that you choose. Listen to today’s podcast to hear why working on these skills is essential for building your confidence.

Why you need to have a learning mindset and embrace feedback

When you resist learning, you come across as being afraid of failure, afraid of trying new things, or weak. On this episode, I explain how curiosity, listening, trying new things and a willingness to learn all strengthen your confidence and enable you to serve as a role model for your team. Listen to discover how investing in learning, being approachable, listening to others and respecting what they have to say are all part of being a confident leader.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] What does confidence look like?
  • [1:21] Zero in on when you feel confident and when you don’t.
  • [4:11] Strategy #1: Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • [8:17] Strategy #2:: Adopt the habit of reality testing.
  • [11:01] Strategy #3 – Practice improving your emotional intelligence skills.
  • [13:17] Strategy #4 – Have a learning mindset.
    [16:24] Strategy #5 – Embrace feedback. Create a culture of candor.
  • [18:11] Re-cap of 5 strategies

Resources & People Mentioned