Allison Perkel, Senior Director of Engineering at Carbon Black, is passionate about creating an environment for her team to thrive. As she says on her LinkedIn page, she wants to deliver product, have fun, and change the world. On today’s episode, Allison details some of the strategies she uses to accomplish this. If you want to learn how to build a culture of trust, deal with the challenges that come up in the process, take action with those who are not pulling their weight, and find some creative ways to keep things positive on your team, then this podcast is for you.

How to create an environment of trust

When you want to create an environment for your team to thrive, the first step is to create an environment of trust. Your team needs to know first of all that they can trust you. On this episode, my guest, Allison Perkel, describes her strategies for building trust. Listening is always the first step. Sharing on praise to upper management, genuinely helping people learn from their mistakes, and responding quickly to challenges are just a few of the strategies that Allison walks through in this interview. Listen in for the insights you need to begin building trust within your team.

What to do when you are in a negative, blame-shifting environment

Working in a negative environment where everyone is looking for who to blame is not an experience that any of us appreciates. But what can we do to help turn around a negative work culture? In this interview, Allison Perkel lists important questions to ask when you are facing a negative environment, and provides suggestions for how to follow through to address issues with those whose behavior is not reinforcing the desired culture. Join us to learn how to take action that will enable you to create an environment for your team to thrive.

Having the right person in the right role is important to the team environment

When you have someone on your team who is not pulling their weight, stop and ask some key questions before casting blame. In today’s interview, Allison Perkel explains what questions to ask and how asking them can help you provide the support that a team member needs. In the process, you will likely find the team member is not in the right role and needs to be moved to a role where they can be more successful and confident. Listen in and learn how to effectively respond to a person who is not pulling their weight on your team.

Never underestimate your own inability to get a point across

Allison Perkel has a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. One principle she has carried over from her experience with AI is that “you should never underestimate your own inability to get a point across.” There are many ways for words to be misinterpreted. On this episode, Allison shares the value and the need for thinking about how you communicate with your team members. Restating problems and asking questions for clarification are valuable parts of the communication process. Join us for this important conversation and take some steps forward toward communicating more clearly.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Introducing Allison Perkel, Senior Director for the Engineering at Carbon Black, the leading provider of next generation endpoint security
  • [1:39] How to create an environment of trust.
  • [3:12] How to overcome the challenges in creating an environment of trust.
  • [6:32] What to do when you are in a negative, blame-shifting environment.
  • [11:00] How to respond to skeptics along the way.
  • [15:05] What do you do when someone on the team is not pulling their weight?
  • [18:51] Technically brilliant people may not always be the best for a management role.
  • [21:46] Never underestimate your own inability to get a point across.
  • [24:32] Allison’s favorite team-building activities.
  • [28:55] The lesson Allison wishes she learned earlier in her career.

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