Being an assertive leader is important for many reasons, but if you don’t know what it looks like to be assertive in healthy ways you could wind up damaging your leadership instead of strengthening it. On this episode, I’m continuing my discussion of the 15 skills of emotional intelligence by highlighting assertiveness and independence for leaders. We’ll unpack what it looks like to be assertive in ways that foster discussion and collaboration and also cover how independence relates to assertiveness. I wrap up by sharing 4 levels of decision-making leaders can use to both be assertive and independent and empower their teams at the same time.

What it means to be an assertive leader.

Being assertive is not about pushing your ideas on other people or getting your way. Assertiveness is speaking confidently about your beliefs or desires in a situation, but in ways that respect the opinions and perspectives of others involved. As you can see, there’s a skill to doing both of those things at the same time and the tips I share on this episode of The Success Talk Show are aimed at helping you understand and develop those skills so you can be the leader you truly want to be. I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

Tips for introverts who know they need to be more assertive.

Being assertive is difficult for many people for a variety of reasons, but it can be especially hard for people who consider themselves to be introverts. Even though being assertive is difficult for introverts, there are emotional intelligence skills they can develop that will help them engage in the conversations happening around them and truly contribute to their teams in valuable ways. On this episode, I provide some practical, empowering steps introverts can take to add more value to their workplace and team through being more assertive. If you consider yourself to be an introvert, be sure you take the time to listen.

How independent, assertive leaders can unintentionally alienate their teams.

There is great value that comes from leaders possessing a healthy sense of independence and assertiveness, and in many ways, those two emotional intelligence skills go hand in hand. But both can be misunderstood by teammates if they are not applied wisely and well. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I teach you what it looks like to be independent and assertive as a leader, yet sensitive to your team in a way that gets buy-in and enthusiasm at the same time. It’s a nuanced skill that every leader needs to develop and you can learn the first steps on this episode.

The 4 levels of decision-making leaders must master.

Making decisions is not simply a matter of being decisive and assertive, especially when leading a team. Focusing only on those things can create the impression that the leader is a “know it all” who doesn’t value the ideas and contributions of others. No leader wants to be perceived that way. So what can be done to make clear decisions but also include the team in a way that fosters collaboration and support? I’ve discovered there are 4 levels of decision making, and each has its own unique approach to including team members in the decision-making process. When these 4 approaches are used wisely and appropriately for each situation, the team grows to trust its leadership and feels empowered and included at the same time. Find out how these 4 levels of decision-making work, on this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:38] What do we mean when we speak of being assertive?
  • [5:20] Advice for introverts when it comes to learning to be assertive.
  • [7:33] Reasons you should strive to increase your assertiveness.
  • [11:04] The importance of self-awareness when seeking to be more assertive.
  • [18:44] 4 different levels of decision making.

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