An emotional intelligence skill that will bring a huge positive impact on your life is stress management. Not only does it make your life more enjoyable, it’s also instrumental in making you more effective in your work and in the relationships you are part of. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I explain some practical tips, mindsets, and approaches you can use to improve your ability to manage the inevitable stresses of life and work so that you can move to a place of confidence and empowerment. If you take the time to listen, you could find the help you’ve been looking for.

When you resist change it tells others you are inflexible and outdated.

One of the reasons we experience stress is because we get stuck in our own sense of comfort with the status quo. We cling to what is familiar or safe and as a result, the level of stress we feel escalates as things around us change. That’s a recipe for disaster in a fast-paced, changing world. What can you do to equip yourself to be more flexible and innovative rather than entrenched in what has been normal to this point? You can find great tips to help you become a more flexible person who is willing and able to adapt to the times, on this episode.

Want to manage stress better? Practice noticing when you are resisting new ideas.

It’s interesting to notice that much of the stress we feel in life is of our own making. Stress often manifests itself because WE are resistant to change and the inevitable pace of life. But what could happen if you started to notice when you are in a resistant mode? What would happen if you could pay attention to your own resistance with a view toward softening, relaxing, and intentionally becoming open to the possibility that change is not only good but could yield incredible opportunities and results? Find out how to become aware of your own resistance to new ideas and make changes for the better, on this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Planning by the week, not the day, can greatly reduce your stress levels. Here’s why.

When you live day by day you have to deal with things in ways that don’t allow for a great deal of preparation or foresight. As a result, you can find yourself emotionally and mentally strained all the time simply because you haven’t had time to get yourself prepared. On this episode, I suggest that you modify the way you plan your life and career to a weekly approach instead of a daily approach. What you’ll find is that your ability to manage the stress in your life will increase greatly simply because you can take the time necessary to prepare yourself for the stressful events that are part of your life. Don’t miss this practical tip.

Stress tolerance is a skill to develop, not a personality trait to envy.

When you see a person who seems calm, cool, and confident during times of stress, what do you feel? Do you point the finger at yourself in criticism? Do you find yourself envying the person because they seem to be so naturally gifted in those ways? While it’s true that some people are more naturally inclined to be calm or confident during stressful situations, it’s equally true that anyone can develop the ability to better tolerate and even thrive in stressful situations. It’s a skill that you can develop, and on this episode about the issue of stress management, I’m going to explain how.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:39] Why managing stress effectively is vital.
  • [2:17] Why flexibility is important when it comes to managing stress.
  • [8:12] How you can strengthen your reality testing muscle.
  • [11:32] Optimism is a huge part of managing stress.
  • [16:27] Developing your stress tolerance.
  • [21:49] Learn to plan week at a time instead of day at a time.

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