You’ve likely heard the term “emotional intelligence,” but do you know what it is? There are actually 15 emotional intelligence skills and this episode is my continuation of a series covering those 15 skills and why every leader needs to be able to implement effectively. This episode includes 3 more of the 15 skills – interpersonal relationships, empathy, and social responsibility. I’m going to give you some very practical tips for how you can assess your strengths and weaknesses in each of these 3 areas and also make suggestions about what you can do to improve. You’ll find this very helpful, no matter what level of leadership you are currently serving in.

You can’t be a strong leader without the ability to build interpersonal relationships.

Leadership is not only about determining a destination and leading the charge to get there. It’s about relationships. You can’t be a strong leader without the ability to build interpersonal relationships. The ability to foster interpersonal relationships is actually an emotional intelligence skill that you can learn – and the results you’ll see from any improvements you make are amazing. Listen to this episode to find out how you can learn to relate to people better – from networking or industry events all the way to leading your team, you’ll find help in building and applying your emotional intelligence skills.

Empathy can make a huge difference in your ability to lead others well.

On this episode, I tell the story of how one leader I was working with failed to express sufficient empathy to me after the passing of my father. Upon my return to work, Instead of asking how I was doing and discovering whether he could help me in any way, he immediately jumped to ensuring that I’d logged my time off accurately. As you might imagine, that experience made for an awkward relationship going forward. In fact, I wound up only working at that company for 6 months. It’s an example of the detrimental impact a lack of empathy can have – and for that reason, I wanted to teach you what you can do to ensure that it never happens in your organization. Find out more on this episode.

Recognition is powerful for building positive interpersonal relationships.

Everybody likes to be told that they’ve done well in their tasks and roles. It’s part of the way we are wired as human beings. But not everyone likes to be recognized in the same way. That’s where a leader needs to be emotionally intelligent. Then he/she will be able to discover what type of recognition each team member appreciates and is most impacted by – and foster a better interpersonal relationship with them as a result of appreciating them appropriately. You can learn how to increase your level of leadership empathy through recognition, on this episode of The Success Talk Show.

How to strengthen your leadership through social responsibility.

Social responsibility is a big word that may bring up all kinds of images in your mind, but simply put it’s about contributing to your community (whatever size it may be) in a way that doesn’t directly benefit you. It’s showing care for the larger whole of which you are a part – and it builds your leadership credibility and prominence like few things do. On this episode, you will hear my quick tips for using social responsibility to improve and enhance your leadership, so I hope you’ll make the time to listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:20] How and why you should find the previous episodes in this series.
  • [2:26] Why you can’t be a strong leader without the ability to build relationships.
  • [4:15] An example of using simple questions to start a conversation.
  • [7:39] Tips for building mutually satisfying relationships.
  • [18:59] Empathy is a great way to enhance your effectiveness in relationships.
  • [26:47] Tips for improving your ability to be empathetic with colleagues.
  • [30:05] Social responsibility as an emotional intelligence skill: What is it?

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