Did you know that emotional intelligence (EQ) is the single biggest predictor of success?

Here are a few interesting facts about EQ:

  • 58% of performance is impacted by EQ
  • 90 % of high performers have high EQ
  • EQ matters more the higher up you go
  • EQ distinguishes the best executives from the average by 85%

The good news is that EQ is a set of specific skills that you can study, practice and improve overtime. And it improves with age!

If you’re interested in knowing your overall EQ score – as well what your scores are for each of the 15 skills –consider taking an online EQ assessment.

You’ll find samples of the three most valuable EQ assessments here in the “Resources” section:

  • Sample EQ Basic Report
  • Sample EQ Leadership Report
  • Sample EQ 360 Feedback Survey Report

You can also find several episodes on EQ from my podcast, The Success Talk Show, focused on each of these skills:

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Emotional Intelligence: Improve Your Self-Awareness to Increase Your Leadership Success (Episode #8)

Emotional Intelligence: Do What You Love (Episode # 10)

Emotional Intelligence: Being an Assertive Leader (Episode #11)

Emotional Intelligence: Positive Interpersonal Relationship Skills (Episode #12)

Emotional Intelligence: Decision Making Skills (Episode #13)

Emotional Intelligence: Manage Stress Effectively (Episode #15)