In this first episode on emotional intelligence, I’ll share fascinating facts about EQ (that’s short for “emotional intelligence”) and then dive deeper into one of the most important skills of an emotionally intelligent leader: self-regard. Be sure to tune in for the rest of the series!

Emotional intelligence matters more the higher you climb in your career.

Highly successful leaders have high EQ. Yes, it’s true. The more you advance as a leader, the more you need emotional intelligence. The good news is — unlike IQ — you can increase your EQ over time with study and practice. It actually improves with age!  As a starting point, you’ll learn one of the skills in this episode that is invaluable for you in navigating choices in your career. 

Here’s an exercise to help you notice the importance of emotional intelligence.

Think back over your career. Can you remember a manager you did NOT enjoy working for? Can you pinpoint aspects of their style or approach that caused you to feel that way? Now do the same thing again, but remember a manager you DID enjoy working for. What did they do (or not do) that caused you to have those feelings? As you can see, emotional intelligence is important for those who are going to lead others. It’s one of the make or break things for good leaders. Find out more about how to increase your ability to deal with your team and colleagues effectively in this episode.

What can you do to increase your level of emotional intelligence?

Learn valuable tips in this episode for one of the most important EQ skills to get you started. Taking it further, you can discover your overall EQ score as well as your score on each of the 15 EQ skills by taking an online assessment. Armed with this information, you can truly focus on what can make all the difference in your own success. Visit my website (link below) to learn more.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Why the topic of emotional intelligence is important.
  • [1:35] Some interesting facts on emotional intelligence.
  • [3:40] What is emotional intelligence?
  • [6:32] What are the 15 specific skills that comprise emotional intelligence?
  • [8:45] An exercise to help you assess the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • [14:00] How your team takes its cues from you, the leader.
  • [15:13] Evaluate your own self-perception, starting with self-regard.
  • [19:20] Steps you can take to increase your self-regard.

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