One of the biggest challenges facing leaders in the technology field is the difficulty of finding and hiring skilled professionals. There is a mismatch between people looking for jobs and the skills that are actually needed in technology, and a small pool of professionals for the many available jobs. Amy Kardel of Clever Ducks joins me on the podcast today to discuss the great opportunity for careers in technology as well as how companies can help create a bigger talent base and develop future leaders.

Employment branding is essential to compete for a smaller talent base

Because the talent pool is so much smaller than the need, companies need to put effort into employment branding that will attract skilled technology professionals and future leaders. On this episode, Amy Kardel describes how to tell your company story and share the excitement of why people want to work there. She also shares how her company creates talent, by finding people with the base skills that they can add to and then working through a growth plan with them. Listen to discover how to successfully compete for future leaders in technology.

Intentional employee engagement helps companies grow their own talent

As I listened to Amy Kardel in today’s podcast interview, I was impressed with what a great example she provides of several crucial drivers of employee engagement: Listen to this episode to hear how Amy and her company care about the development of their employees, provide opportunities to learn, share feedback about how they are doing, and give recognition and appreciation. They have developed a sustainable way to grow their own talent. With today’s small pool of skilled technology professionals, this is a viable and exciting way to cultivate talent and develop future leaders.

Crucial qualities for leaders in technology

Amy Kardel works with many leaders in technology and has many insights into what makes them successful. On today’s episode, Amy talks with me about leadership qualities that are essential in order for them to address the challenges of hiring skilled professionals and developing future leaders. Inclusivity, communication skills, and executive presence are crucial for leaders in technology. Listen in to find out why, and how you can work collaboratively across borders to accomplish your goals, create talent, and build future leaders.

Do you need a college degree for a career in technology?

If you have technology skills, a college degree that leaves you with thousands of dollars in debt may not be necessary for you to have a great career. There is likely a place for you in tech where you can get into an apprenticeship program along with some college courses. On this episode, Amy Kardel encourages you to find a spot where you are needed and can grow your skills. You may be a future leader. Listen to find out about the great opportunities for careers in technology!

Outline of This Episode

  • [35:00] Introducing Amy Kardel, president and co-founder of Clever Ducks.
  • [2:05] IT leaders face the difficulty of finding and hiring skilled technology professionals.
  • [5:02] Schools are not preparing our youth for the jobs that will be available to them.
  • [9:30] Employment branding is essential to compete for a smaller talent base.
  • [15:46] Intentional employee engagement helps companies grow their own talent.
  • [18:48] Crucial qualities for leaders in technology, #1 – Inclusivity.
  • [19:52] Crucial qualities for leaders in technology, #2 – High communication skills.
  • [20:22] Crucial qualities for leaders in technology, #3 – Executive presence.
  • [23:27] Career opportunities in technology may not require a college degree.
  • [25:47] Amy Kardel’s passion and commitment to helping young people grow and build out their career.
  • [28:47] My story – How the lack of guidance I received led to developing Success Compass Academy to help others.
  • [31:16] Don’t underestimate the value of what you’re doing.
  • [35:18] Amy Kardel’s motivation to go back and get her law degree.

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