How often have you dreamt of spectacular goals for your personal and professional life, only to be met with roadblocks, frustration, and disappointment? On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I offer you my top 10 tips for maximum goal achievement. These invaluable strategies can be implemented in your daily, weekly, and annual routines to create a high-performance cycle for goal achievement. You don’t want to miss this engaging episode, so be sure to listen to the full audio to catch all of these insider tips.

Focus on your main goals and follow the SMART formula

Too often we let ourselves get distracted from achieving our top three goals. We let smaller projects and menial tasks get in the way of true goal completion. If you design your goals following the SMART goal formula, you will find it much easier to stay on track. The SMART goal formula requires goals to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These classifications allow you to set quantifiable goals that encourage success by preventing them from becoming too lofty. To hear more about the SMART goal formula, check out the full audio for this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Creating a plan is crucial to make progress on your goals

After you have set a goal that follows the SMART goal formula, the next step is to create a game plan with specific time frames. By anticipating deadlines and setting aside blocks of time specifically for working on your goal, you are better able to handle distractions. Prioritizing your goal requires you to be reasonable and realistic with the amount of time you schedule for goal-related tasks. Sticking to this timeframe keeps you accountable. Check out this episode of The Success Talk Show for more crucial tips on goal achievement and to learn why examining your plan daily is of utmost importance.

Prior preparation is key to stay on track with your goals

The gameplan you create should never become completely gridlocked. There should be a healthy level of flexibility and you should confirm your plans for the next day each evening. This saves time in the morning for other productive tasks and allows you to pace yourself while avoiding burnout. Learning what time of the day you work best in and focusing on your most important tasks during that time will also ensure that you are prepared to stay on track with your goals.

Reviewing your plans regularly encourages further success

SMART goals, gameplans, and prior preparation only work long-term if you develop a way to track your progress. There are many systems that work for different individuals and it simply becomes a matter of selecting a system and tweaking it to your liking. Reviewing your progress on a weekly and monthly basis allows you to make up for any lost time, schedule additional tasks as needed, and provides a high level of insight into the entire goal achievement process. You don’t want to miss the rest of these tips to achieve goal success, so be sure to listen to this insightful and practical episode of The Success Talk Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:42] I introduce this week’s topic, how to set yourself up for achieving goal success
  • [1:57] Tip #1 – Focus on your top 3 goals
  • [3:16] Tip #2 – Create and design your goals using the smart goal formula
  • [8:51] Tip #3 – Develop a gameplan
  • [10:58] Tip #4 – Decide on the amount of time required to achieve your goal
  • [13:00] Tip #5 – Build time blocks into your calendar
  • [14:08] Tip #6 – Create daily habits that allow you to review your progress
  • [15:00] Tip #7 – Design a weekly plan
  • [16:59] Tip #8 – Prepare for the next day
  • [20:02] Tip #9 – Develop a way to track your progress
  • [23:04] Tip #10 – Review your progress on a weekly basis

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