Every organization experiences change. There is a wide range of possible changes in an organization, and each change comes with its own challenges for implementation. On this episode I will walk through seven tips for leading change that can be applied in almost any situation. If you follow these tips, they will help you lead with confidence, while getting greater buy-in and building trust.

To lead change with confidence, clarify stakeholders’ expectations and your own role

The first thing to do when you are implementing change is to do an in-depth interview with key stakeholders, and clarify what is motivating them to make the change and what they hope to accomplish. Then you need to clarify exactly what your own role will be and what strengths you bring to the table. On this episode, I describe what this foundational process looks like and why it is so important. By listening, you will strengthen your ability to lead change with confidence.

To lead change with confidence, create and collaborate with a well-rounded team

Effective organizational change is best accomplished with a team. On this episode, I explain how to choose team members whose strengths complement each other as well as some specific strengths you should look for when choosing your team. I also describe how to collaborate with your team to provide a detailed description of what the change will look like once it is implemented and why this clear description is so important. Listen in and be equipped to create a team who will be effective in helping you lead change.

To lead change with confidence, communicate creatively and get feedback

Communication is essential for any organizational change. Work together with your team to create a written communication plan that includes communicating at different times and in different ways. On today’s podcast, I list some potential forms of communication to get you started, and remind you of the key elements that need to be included. We’ll also talk about building feedback mechanisms into your plan so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of how the change is going. Listen in to learn how to effectively communicate and increase the respect and buy-in of the people in your organization.

To lead change with confidence, celebrate as goals are accomplished

When you have implemented a change, be sure to share the results with everyone and celebrate. Because you communicate expectations at the beginning of the process, you can share the results and celebrate accomplishments along the way and especially at the end of the process. On this episode, I share why celebration matters and provide some ideas about how to track your success so that you can share it. Following this and the other tips from today’s podcast will enable you to confidently lead change.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] Intro to this episode on tips for how to lead change with confidence.
  • [1:22] Tip #1 Clarify the expectations of your key stakeholders.
  • [3:39] Tip #2 Clarify exactly what your role will be for this change.
  • [5:19] Tip #3 Create a team.
  • [7:05] Tip #4 Collaborate with your team on a detailed description of what the change will look like once it’s implemented.
  • [8:15] Thumbnail sketch of the change process based on William Bridges’ book, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
  • [13:13] Tip #5 – Have a written communication plan.
  • [15:52] Tip #6 – Build feedback mechanisms into your plan.
  • [18:19] Tip #7 – When you have implemented the change, share the actual results with everyone and celebrate.

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