In today’s workplace environment, nearly 70% of all roles are filled through personal connections. There are countless benefits to building and maintaining a strong personal network but simply having a network is not enough. Growing and nurturing your network takes time and energy but it is one of the best investments you can make for your career. There is much satisfaction that comes from keeping up with personal network relationships and it can be an invaluable resource when looking to hire top talent. Be sure to listen to this episode of The Success Talk Show to discover the top 5 tips for strengthening and growing your personal network.

Always look for opportunities to help those who are in your network

Simply collecting LinkedIn connections is not enough. After making a connection, always be looking for ways to help that person out in their career or field of interest. Ask yourself, “How can I help the people in my network develop in their own career?” Make it a daily habit to share interesting information you find with those you know. It shows you’re paying attention to what they’re interested in and making the impression that you’re thinking about them is invaluable. You don’t want to miss this information on how personal networks and emotional intelligence are connected – be sure to listen to the full episode.

Face-to-face quality time is essential in maintaining strong relationships with connections

There is no substitute for quality time that is spent face-to-face with other individuals. Even if you haven’t connected with someone in months or even years, there are untold benefits of reaching out and scheduling a time to connect in person – whether it be over coffee, meeting for lunch, or grabbing drinks. When reaching out be short, sweet, and make it easy for them to respond and agree to a time. Often times critical career connections can only arise from meeting in person. It’s also important to remember this tip when traveling to a new area or city. Think of who you know in that area and reach out to start making an even bigger impact on your network. Don’t miss the rest of these great tips for personal networking – be sure to listen to the full audio for this episode.

Don’t be stagnant in networking – expand your list each month to reap the benefits

One of the keys to networking is to actively expand your network each and every month. By adding one new person to your network each month, you are building a database that can only benefit you in the future both personally and professionally. You can find new people through networking events, workshops, and conferences in your city. In this episode of The Success Talk Show, I describe a time where a personal connection and its benefits lasted for many years. I’ll be interviewing this connection next month on the podcast, and it shows that it only takes one small step forward to start expanding your network.

Preparing for network events is crucial for your success

Once you’ve decided to start expanding your network and you’ve committed to an event, you should take a couple of steps in preparation in order to maximize your benefit from the experience. Think about your goals for attending the event and how you will introduce yourself to new connections. You want to think about what you want them to remember most about you. By introducing yourself efficiently you can then direct the conversation towards them and the work that they do. If you’re an aspiring industry leader you absolutely need to fine-tune and improve your emotional intelligence skills and your ability to maintain a strong personal network. To catch the rest of these tips and more information on the networking process be sure to listen to the full episode of The Success Talk Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:42] Introduction of this week’s topic, How to Strengthen and Grow Your Personal Network
  • [3:52] Building a personal network is a specific emotional intelligence skill
  • [5:03] Tip #1 – Make it a daily habit to help someone in your network through sharing information
  • [7:23] Tip #2 – Strive to connect in person with at least one contact per week
  • [12:47] Tip #3 – Set aside time each week to connect over the phone
  • [17:00] Tip #4 – Actively expand your network every month
  • [22:15] Tip #5 – Prepare in advance for any networking event you want to attend

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