Increasing Energy for High-Performance Leadership – Episode #29

Kristen Nolan believes that professional and financial success is 100% dependent on how energized, motivated, and confident you feel. On this episode, Kristen describes how you can achieve success by using simple but powerful techniques to uplevel your physical health, energy, and stamina. High-performance leadership requires a lot of you. I have personally benefitted so much from following Kristen’s techniques. Listen to today’s interview to learn what you can do to make sure that you are physically and mentally able to do what it takes to succeed.

Getting the fuel you need to succeed in high-performance leadership

A common challenge faced by high-performance leaders is being in back-to-back meetings with no time to fuel themselves with the right kind of food. Many are not in touch with their bodies enough to even know what foods will energize them. On this episode, my guest Kristen Nolan explains why this is a detriment to successful leadership and gives some helpful tips and resources for getting the meals and snacks that your body needs. Listen in to learn how to fuel yourself for high-performance leadership!

Balance out your stress level so you can perform at your best

Most people are not aware of the heavy toll that stress takes on their bodies. It can decrease your digestive function by 50%, making it difficult to get all of the nutrients that your body needs, and it can leave you feeling weary and ragged. On this episode, Kristen Nolan emphasizes the importance of showing up to work rested instead of ragged, and talks about how you can create a healthy balance of recovery activity so that your stress doesn’t rule the day or ruin your health and you are able to lead successfully.

Three powerful ways to transform your energy

Increasing your energy, motivation, and confidence may be a simpler process than you might think. On this episode Kristen Nolan describes three changes that you can make, starting today, that will transform your energy for high-performance leadership. Listen to this interview to hear how increasing movement, even just ten minutes a day, can raise your energy level. You’ll also find out how to boost your metabolism, to create space for mindfulness, and how all of these things can transform your energy so that you are able to achieve professional and financial success.

You do actually have the time to take care of yourself

Thinking they don’t have time is the biggest block that high-performance leaders face when considering the steps they need to take to increase their health, motivation, and energy. But when you realize how much time is taken away from your productivity because you’re not taking good care of yourself and feeling good, you actually do have the time. Following these techniques has transformed what my days look like and how much I can get done. Listen to this episode to discover how physical fitness is the most powerful creator of your success, and to get the helpful resources you need so that you can begin the journey to increased energy and motivation today!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] Kristen Nolan, high-performance strategist for executives and entrepreneurs.
  • [2:20] Getting the fuel you need to succeed in high-performance leadership.
  • [7:07] The high toll that stress takes on your body.
  • [10:05] Balance out your stress level so you can perform at your best.
  • [13:45] Change #1 – Incorporate daily intentional movement for just 10 minutes a day.
  • [17:32] Change #2 – Improve your metabolism. Here’s how.
  • [20:39] Change #3 – Create space for mindfulness.
  • [23:50] You can’t skip over these steps and expect you’re going to show up at your best.
  • [25:56] You actually do have time to take care of yourself.
  • [28:19] How Kristen Nolan works with people to determine what they should be eating to fuel their energy.
  • [30:05] Using the Z-Health brain-based training system to improve balance and stability.
  • [32:11] What Kristen Nolan wishes she would have known earlier in your career.
  • [35:05] What happened when I committed to tackle the health and fitness side of my life.
  • [36:26] You can start tackling these things ten minutes at a time.

Resources & People Mentioned