This episode of The Success Talk Show features the expertise and wisdom of Suzy Welch. Suzy and her husband Jack are the authors of a brand new book, “The Real-Life MBA,” which has been called “…a modern, essential guide for everyone in business today and tomorrow that explores the most pressing challenges related to creating winning strategies, leading and managing others, and building a thriving career. On this episode, Suzy shares from her book and her personal experience about how to build a culture of truth and trust, how leadership trust is developed, and what leaders can do to build teams that thrive. You won’t want to miss out on what Suzy shares.

Great leaders create a culture of truth and trust.

In many work environments, the culture is one of secrecy and fear, not truth and trust – and Suzy Welch says that’s a sign of dysfunctional leadership at the highest levels. Great leaders create a culture that celebrates truth-telling, even when it’s hard to hear – because that’s the way the entire team is able to deal with reality and work to overcome the shortfalls that exist. In the end, trust is built – for the leader and within the entire team. You can hear Suzy unpack this powerful principle on this episode, as well as give advice about what you should do if you find yourself in an organization where a culture of truth and trust do NOT exist. These are powerful lessons so be sure you listen.

What you can do to be seen as a leader in your company.

Many people who want to be given a position of leadership trust within their company work hard to get there. But Suzy Welch says that if you aspire to leadership roles within your company you have to do the things leaders do, and that’s not typically working harder and longer than everyone else. Instead, you need to exhibit the traits of a great leader, which means you build teams, foster great communication and teamwork, and celebrate those who are alongside you on the journey as they reach milestones or contribute to the team in significant ways. Those are the true actions of a leader and are the things that will get you noticed. Learn more from Suzy by listening to this episode.

How to earn a seat at the leadership table in your organization.

Many people who are in middle or lower management positions feel the pull of executive or senior leadership. They want to eventually earn a seat at the table so they can contribute to the large-scale decisions that direct the company. But there’s a mystery to most about how you get there. What are the things you should do? What relationships should you build that will foster that kind of strategic growth? Suzy Welch says that those who earn a position at the table are not like everyone else. They don’t get there by hard work alone, they get there by fostering a team and celebrating those around them. Find out what she means on this episode.

True leaders succeed by reflecting the glory to the people around them.

Great leaders are not about puffing themselves up or gaining glory for themselves. Instead, they serve the success of those they lead. They celebrate the successes, achievements, and dreams of those they lead and hold them out for others to see. That enables the entire team to trust the leader, to know that he/she is truly for them and eager to see them grow, succeed, and thrive within their workplace or organization. Suzy Welch highlights this and other characteristics of great leaders in this episode of The Success Talk Show. Her insights are well worth your time.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] My introduction to my guest, Suzy Welch.
  • [1:21] Creating a culture of truth and trust in a world where people are hesitant to speak up.
  • [3:20] What should lower level leaders do to encourage truth and trust in their companies?
  • [7:26] Earning a seat at the table in your organization.
  • [9:20] How anyone in a company can be seen as a leader.
  • [11:30] Are there leadership challenges that are unique to the technology industry?
  • [16:30] The real life impact Suzy hopes her book brings to readers.
  • [19:20] Suzy’s advice for those who want to grow: boldly step out to try something new.

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