I have had the pleasure of working with Donna in two different professional contexts, first at Omgeo when she was the Executive Director of Client Operations, and then more recently when I tapped into her excellent coaching skills. At Omgeo, Donna led a global team of Client Operations staff across geographies and she genuinely cared about all of us in her wider team. She appreciated us all as individuals but she also was focused on helping everyone achieve success, and her clear direction helped us all to know exactly what to work on and the goals we were striving to achieve. She always seemed to strike the perfect balance between working hard and enjoying what you do. Her confidence in all of her team members and what they could achieve was evident to us all. Within our geographically-dispersed team, it seemed that you could feel her smile and positive energy all the way through the conference call line.

Donna was a great help to me during the several months that I worked with her as my coach, and to me it’s clear that coaching is really her calling in life! I always looked forward to meeting with Donna to talk through the latest areas of focus but also reporting back to her when I had wins – big or small – knowing that she would cheer me on and also challenge me to something bigger when I was making progress. And I can’t recommend her without mentioning the word “fun” – it’s part of who she is and her enthusiasm for life and boundless energy for helping others be the best they can be serves as a great example. I took away so many tips from Donna and even now when I think back to our coaching conversations, I can imagine how she might help me clarify a goal and then hold me accountable to it – and it continually inspires me! Donna’s style is all her own, but her approach toward helping others clarify, work toward, and achieve their goals is definitely one which works to great success!