Ninja Tricks for Personal Branding on LinkedIn – Episode #24

Most of us understand the importance of first impressions. But what we are coming to realize is that in 2017 and beyond, our first impression is likely to be a digital one. On this episode, Amanda Healy, social media and personal branding specialist, gives us helpful tips and ideas for making a great first impression with our LinkedIn profile and using it as a personal branding tool. LinkedIn can do more than you think. Learn how to use it well on this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Common mistakes people make on their LinkedIn profile

Are you waiting to get started on your LinkedIn profile because it seems overwhelming and you don’t have everything perfectly ready to go? Do you consider LinkedIn to be just your online resume? You are in good company, and Amanda Healy has some helpful recommendations for you on today’s episode. Find out why you should go ahead and get started on your LinkedIn profile, learn how to use LinkedIn as a personal website instead of an online resume, and discover the value of LinkedIn and the features you may not know exist.

Should my LinkedIn profile be written in third person or first person?

Some people feel that a third person LinkedIn profile appears more professional. But, according to personal branding specialist Amanda Healy, writing in first person brings your authentic self into the digital sphere, and creates a connection. People want to know who you are and why they would want to work with you. Listen to my conversation with Amanda to learn how first person writing and social authenticity creates the best digital first impression.

How to use your LinkedIn photo banner to establish your personal brand

Your LinkedIn photo banner is your product wrapper, the first thing people will see when they visit your profile. This important feature is often overlooked. In this podcast interview, Amanda Healy explains how you can up-level your credibility by leveraging this as the super-feature that other people don’t use. You will learn how to choose a photo that will connect with your personal brand, and how to begin thinking about your personal brand if you have not yet established it.

Ninja tricks for personal branding on LinkedIn

Do you know how to use LinkedIn to develop and promote your personal brand? Today’s guest, Amanda Healy, has some simple but effective tips, her “ninja tricks,” that can help you effectively establish your personal brand on LinkedIn. Listen in to discover the reason you should write about why you do your role instead of just what you do, how you can customize your LinkedIn URL and then use it to drive traffic to your profile, and how using LinkedIn as a blogging platform is a great way to get your name out there.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Introduction of today’s guest, Amanda Healy.
  • [2:35] Your first impression is likely to be a digital first impression.
  • [3:34] Mistakes people make with their LinkedIn profile are similar despite different roles and different life stages.
  • [4:10] Get started on your profile. Don’t wait.
  • [4:55] Treat your LinkedIn profile as your personal website, not your online resume.
  • [6:55] Value all that LinkedIn has to offer.
  • [9:19] Should my LinkedIn profile be written in third person or first person?
  • [12:25] If I update my LinkedIn profile, will my employer think I’m looking for another job?
  • [17:57] Ninja Trick #1 – Write about why you do your role rather than just what you do.
  • [21:53] Ninja Trick #2 – Customizing your LinkedIn URL.
  • [23:43] Ninja Trick #3 – Use LinkedIn as a blogging platform.
  • [28:17] How to determine your personal brand and use your LinkedIn photo banner to promote it.
  • [34:57] Bring your authentic self into each and every thing that you do.

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