There are lots of people out there who fashion themselves as a personal branding consultant but when I need to know something about personal branding, my guest on this episode of The Success Talk Show is who I go to. Susan Chritton is an amazing woman who taught me everything I know about personal branding and as you’ll see from our conversation, I’m still learning from her every time we speak. On this episode, Susan reveals the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to personal branding, how to spend the right amount of time developing your brand, and the top 3 tips for bringing your brand to life.

The biggest personal branding mistake.

In all of her work as a personal branding consultant, Susan Chritton has seen it all. When I asked her what the biggest mistake is that people make when working on their personal brand, she said that many people simply misunderstand what they’re doing when they work on their brand. It’s more than filling in your LinkedIn profile or getting some fancy headshots done. It’s determining first who you are and secondly, how you want people to view you. Once you have those clear in your own mind, then you can move forward to figure out how you’re going to communicate those things effectively. You are going to learn a lot from Susan on this episode.

Is personal branding inauthentic?

One of the arguments AGAINST personal branding is that it forces you to fashion yourself in a certain way – a way that isn’t necessarily aligned with who you really are. Susan Chritton and I chat about that possibility and what I discovered is that there’s a fine balance between being yourself and being yourself in a way that is beneficial to your audience. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, Susan Chritton, personal branding consultant and author tells us how to build your personal brand based on who you really are.

A good personal brand makes your audience feel comfortable.

One of the foundational principles Susan Chritton insists on when doing work on a client’s personal brand is that they keep in mind who their audience is. The WAY you go about communicating your brand will depend largely on the culture surrounding your ideal audience. If you’d like to know more about how to do that, including how it impacts your appearance, the words you use, and more, you’ll want to hear what Susan has to share on this episode.

Here’s what you can do to “try on” your personal brand ideas.

As you work on your personal brand, you won’t know if everything you come up with is the right approach. So how do you find out? You try them on for a while. On this episode, Susan Chritton, author of “Personal Branding for Dummies” shares how you can work out a personal brand idea using one word, then try it on for a while to see how it feels, how your audience responds, and even more. It’s a great episode that ranges through the topic of personal branding so be sure you set aside the time to listen.   

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:24] Why having a personal brand is extremely important today.
  • [2:30] The biggest mistakes made when it comes to personal branding.
  • [6:05] What’s the balance between being yourself and building a brand?
  • [9:40] A good personal brand makes your ideal audience feel comfortable.
  • [13:20] How much time does a person need to spend developing their brand?
  • [19:03] The top 3 tips for bringing your brand to life.
  • [22:11] Building your personal brand on LinkedIn.
  • [24:21] How you can reach out to Susan

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