Have you plateaued in your current job and want to start the process of looking for a new position? How often do you find yourself struggling with the job search process? There are plenty of opportunities for career-advancing positions if you know how to look for them. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I offer you my top 7 tips to improve your success through the process. Through these tips, you can find and create more value in your field and advance your career. You don’t want to miss this invaluable advice, so be sure to give this episode your full attention.

Identifying your passions and talents in the first step in securing a new job

The first step when you begin the job search process is identifying your key talents and core passions. What is it you’re looking for in a new position? In what areas can you add the most value to an organization? What do you hope will be different in your next role? It’s essential to put your goals and aspirations under a microscope in order to create a vision that will guide your search process. Without a clear focus, your process will be riddled with roadblocks and frustrations. To hear more about why clarity at the beginning will ultimately save you time and energy, be sure to listen to the full episode of The Success Talk Show.

Network, network, network!

One of the most underutilized resources in a job search is your current network. Both professional and personal contacts can offer unparalleled levels of access to new opportunities. Seventy percent of all roles are filled through personal connections and face-to-face communication is best when reaching out to these contacts. Personally, I have had two career-changing positions arise from simple, in-person, genuine conversations. Keep in mind that this networking has to be a two-way street – it cannot be only about what you need from them. These contacts may not have any immediate openings for you, but you will stick in their mind days and weeks after your meeting. Then they can inform you about insider leads before it goes out to the public applicant pool. As always, a face-to-face meeting will leave more of a lasting impression than a simple email or LinkedIn notification.

Give your search adequate time, energy, and resources

Treating your job search like a full-time position will ultimately give you the highest level of success. If you are not currently working you should be devoting at least 40 hours per week on your search. If you’re only spending 5 to 10 hours per week on the process and are not finding any substantial leads, you need to honestly evaluate how you can increase the timeframe. Your rate of progress is directly tied to how much time is spent on the process. I go into greater detail on this segment in this episode, and you don’t want to miss it! Your workplace fulfillment and job satisfaction depend on it.

Track your progress for ultimate success and satisfaction

In order to keep track of how much time you’re spending on your search, you need to create a system that tracks your efforts. The system should be able to track your schedule, activities, meetings, etc. What you track and measure, you will improve. This system needs to be transparent and honest so that you can accurately measure all of the variables in the process. You will be able to see what is and isn’t working and then you can begin to make any needed adjustments. Tracking your progress is only one small part of the entire process, and to get the complete set of tips you certainly need to listen to this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:44] I introduce this week’s topic, my top 7 tips for your job search process
  • [1:27] Tip #1 – Be clear on the type of work that you most enjoy and are good at
  • [4:18] Tip #2 – Treat your job search like it’s a full-time job
  • [5:40] Tip #3 – Network, network, network
  • [10:47] Tip #4 – Update your LinkedIn profile
  • [12:32] Tip #5 – Share your resume with 5 people who know you really well
  • [16:00] Tip #6 – Work with recruiters and complete online applications
  • [18:39] Tip #7 – Create a dashboard

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