In this episode of The Success Talk Show, I interview Doug Milone, Vice President of Services Programs at AvidXchange. It is through this senior leadership position that he is able to coach and mentor other employees as they progress down their own career paths. He is genuinely passionate about developing his team through intentional empowerment and collaboration. Be sure to listen to this stellar interview to reap the benefits of Doug’s experience and expertise in the career coaching sector of leadership.

How Doug’s approach to coaching helps his team reach its full potential

When I asked Doug his main strategy to encourage employees to take ownership of their career growth, he explained that “70% of talent development comes from learning and stretch assignments, 20% comes from coaching, and 10% comes from dedicated and structured learning.” In order to raise the bar for employees via stretch assignments, the leader must first understand what the employee enjoys and what his/her passions are. This leads to a desire to improve in those specific areas. Doug and I talk more about his personal approach to encouraging positive career progress on this episode.

Encouraging self-reflection is key while encouraging teams

Throughout Doug’s career as a coach and mentor, his biggest challenge has always been helping his team members understand their current point in their journey through dedicated self-reflection. Ambition equates to success in one’s industry. Employees who show initiative and dedication to the organization can often take advantage of additional resources and tools that will contribute to career advances. Doug employs these tactics and explains more methods on this episode, be sure to listen to the full audio to hear about them.

Coaching requires time, energy, and focus – which is possible even through busy schedules

Through my recent conversations with professional coaches, one of their biggest struggles has been difficulty finding adequate time to dedicate to mentoring and investing in their mentees. By following the mental mindset of compounding interest in relationship development, Doug has discovered a key breakthrough in coaching. By investing time in an individual upfront, one can accomplish more by getting a payback down the road. It not only encourages positive career moves in current team members but also attracts more talent to one’s team over time. Doug explains the critical importance of investing time in mentoring and I share my number one skill a leader needs to have, as well as many more helpful hints, all on this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Managing change through a growth mindset and consistently connecting with team members

Many professionals fear “working themselves out of a job” if they invest in mentoring fellow professionals. However, having a high level of mature professionalism allows a leader to realize that having a secure career with room to advance into new positions comes with the territory of mentoring. Recognizing that “change starts with an ending” is key while working within a future growth mindset. Always remembering that implementing change affects people’s level of familiarity will allow a workplace leader to encourage growth without neglecting the human emotional aspect of an organizational overhaul. Be sure to listen to this episode of The Success Talk Show to discover Doug’s most important lessons learned from his early career!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:44] Introduction of guest – Doug Milone, Vice President of Services Programs at AvidXchange
  • [1:48] Doug explains his personal approach to helping his team members reach their full potential
  • [5:45] Encouraging career ownership is often met with many challenges
  • [12:16] How Doug makes time for coaching in the midst of a busy lifestyle and career
  • [19:09] Managing change through the lens of a future growth mindset
  • [24:28] Doug explains the importance of connecting with your team with consistency and integrity

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