Many people today view the pathway to success as an endless list of to-do tasks and objectives. All throughout my years as an aspiring professional I fell victim to this mindset. I thought, “Success will come my way if only I could do more and achieve more.” But then I heard a quote by Jim Rohn and he explained that “Success is not something you pursue, what you pursue will elude you. Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become. If you want to have more, you must become more.” To learn what this key ingredient for success is, be sure to listen to this episode of The Success Talk Show.

“Success is not something you pursue”

As the famed Jim Rohn explained, success is not an ultimate end-goal. Rather, it is the process one goes on in pursuit of becoming a better person and professional. I learned from a young age that accelerating towards “success” through achieving was in my DNA. I got caught up in what many call the “hamster wheel” of career ladders and I struggled with the endless cycle of “doing, doing, doing.” But then I changed my mindset to one of personal development and my ability to attract success naturally began to emerge. You don’t want to miss this compelling personal story, so be sure to give this episode of The Success Talk Show a listen.

Ensure your lifestyle reflects your passions

Once I realized simply ticking tasks off a list wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go, I took a serious look at my lifestyle and interests to determine if there was any disconnect. I realized that while I rattled off passions such as enjoying time in nature to others, my day-to-day routines did not reflect those interests. I then shifted my lifestyle and managed my free time to reflect my true passions and started pursuing my personal hobby goals. It was the first time I could remember I actually thought about “who do I need to become” in order to attract the type of people and opportunities I wanted to be surrounded by. For more details on my personal success progression, don’t miss this episode.

Reflect on your personal ambitions for career clarity

In order to start attracting success, you first have to identify your own personal ambitions. What does success look like for you? What qualities do you need to emulate to start achieving your goals? How do you need to represent yourself? This self-reflection exercise will be fundamental in order to start attracting the most career success. It may not be brief, but I guarantee it’ll be worth your time. I help walk you through the process on this insightful episode of The Success Talk Show.

The most important question to ask to attract success

The ultimate question to ask yourself when trying to attract success is “Who do I need to become?” By answering this single question entirely new realms of opportunity will open up in your life. Being honest and authentic through this process is essential in order to fully reap its benefits. For more guidance and information on how to ask this key question be sure to take a look at my program, My Own Success Compass, and listen to the full audio for this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:43] I uncover this week’s topic, the key ingredient to achieving your goals and attracting success in your life
  • [3:45] My personal story on why to-do lists aren’t always the way to achieve a goal
  • [6:28] The importance of defining your personal ambitions while striving for success
  • [9:45] Ultimate career success can be found by answering this question

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