When I was making the pivot from the corporate world to going out on my own, I got involved in a coaching group and got to know other entrepreneurs very well. As I began learning what I needed as an entrepreneur, I realized that many of the principles they were teaching were quite applicable for the corporate world as well. On today’s podcast, I share five of those lessons with you; lessons that are valuable for ambitious leaders anywhere in the marketplace. Listen in and discover what you can learn from the world of entrepreneurs!

You are your own greatest asset

You are your own greatest asset. So it is really important to invest in yourself! Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals? Are you an ambitious leader? On this episode, I challenge you to invest in learning, to look for the education or coaching that will fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Listen in to get motivated to invest in yourself, to find out what percentage of your income is best spent on personal development, and to ask the questions that will get you started.

Be crystal clear about what you have to offer

You will not be able to stand out in a crowded market without being clear on how you are going to help your clients solve a particular problem. On this episode, I will give you a number of questions that you can ask yourself to help you get clarity on what you have to offer. We will also talk about your vision for your career and what you are passionate about. Listen in and then schedule time to think through the questions and get crystal clear about what you have to offer.

Adopt a vigorous commitment to strategic planning and goal-setting

Entrepreneurs schedule time each week for determining how they will spend their week based on their goals. In the corporate world, we tend to find ourselves just pushing forward on our never-ending to-do list. Ambitious leaders need to pull themselves out of reactive mode and set aside time for being strategic about their goals. On this episode, I will describe this weekly meeting with yourself and how it can make you stand out and be more productive in your role.

Devote ample time to self-care

Do you have time to take care of yourself? Many ambitious leaders don’t think that they do. But the truth is, when you devote time for self-care it pays enormous gains in your productivity. On this episode of The Success Talk Show, I’ll explain how devoting time to self-care, even if you don’t think you have the time, will actually allow you to do more with less effort. Listen in to learn what self-care is about and how it protects and strengthens your best asset!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] Why I want to share these five lessons from entrepreneurs.
  • [3:39] Lesson #1 Invest in yourself.
  • [8:50] Lesson #2 Commit to a vision that excites you.
  • [10:33] Lesson #3 Be crystal clear on what you have to offer.
  • [13:35]Lesson #4 Adopt a vigorous commitment to strategic planning and goal-setting.
  • [15:51] Devote ample time to self-care.
  • [18:54] The Altitude Assessment can help you in this process.

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