The amount of recognition an employee receives and the frequency in which it is delivered is a key factor that is directly related to employee engagement and performance. Retaining top talent within an organization can be increased if a routine of showing appreciation is adopted. A recent Gallup poll found that one of the top 12 drivers of employee performance is if the employee receives recognition every seven days. However, only one in three American employees strongly agrees that they receive adequate appreciation. If the habit of recognition on a weekly basis is broken, that employee is twice as likely to quit within the next year. If you want to discover the top tips for incorporating recognition into your daily routine as a leader and employer, be sure to listen to this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Defining what recognition means to you is critical

If you want to show appreciation and display recognition for your employees, you must first understand what recognition means to you. Take the time to really evaluate in what ways do you like to receive recognition. Remember that recognition can take various forms for different individuals. Common ways to show appreciation include giving employees the proper tools they need to succeed, offering visibility within the organization, developing strong interpersonal relationships with coworkers, and acknowledging their strengths. Encourage employees to document how they like to best receive recognition and share this with their colleagues and supervisors.

Always strive to notice when employees are performing well – and recognize that effort

“Catching someone in the act“ of stellar performance is a great way to recognize their efforts. Taking a few minutes out of every day to recognize an employee that has gone above and beyond can have lasting impacts on the individual and the organization. Showing appreciation for exceptional work could take the form of a handwritten note, a public comment, or an email sent out to the individual’s team. A simple act of gratitude can dramatically increase an employee’s level of productivity and feeling of fulfillment within the organization. To discover why it is important to be specific when you show appreciation don’t miss all of the tips that are in this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Be specific and authentic when showing recognition

You must be authentic when showing appreciation and it has to be well deserved. Its impact can be diluted if you use it too frequently and with insincerity. Even simple accomplishments can be appreciated by bringing what is commonplace and underrecognized into the spotlight. To hear more about why it’s critical to be specific when appreciating employees, and to understand how cultural and personality differences can influence this process, don’t miss this engaging episode of The Success Talk Show.

Appreciation should be tailored to each individual’s preferences

Demonstrations of appreciation may be lost if you don’t tailor them to each individual‘s personality and preferences. For example, not every employee likes public acknowledgment, especially if they have introverted tendencies. Appreciation has to go beyond a simple verbal “thank you” and must take into consideration the individual’s values. Think of a time when you received or witnessed a stellar act of gratitude. Odds are that memory is vivid and long-lasting. It should be every employer’s goal to show frequent, individualized, and genuine appreciation to every employee. You don’t want to miss the rest of these top tips for showing workplace appreciation so be sure to spend some time listening to this episode of The Success Talk Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] Introduction of this episode’s topic – “5 Tips to Incorporate Recognition Into Your Daily Routine”
  • [4:10] Tip #1 – What does recognition mean to you?
  • [9:43] Tip #2 – Strive to “catch” someone doing something that you want to recognize
  • [12:40] Tip #3 – Be specific when you show appreciation
  • [14:22] Tip #4 – Match your form of appreciation to the individual’s personality and preferences
  • [20:46] Tip #5 – Spread your appreciation throughout your organization

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