What are your personal values? The things that are not negotiable in your career and work life? Those values, your opinion of what’s important to you, can be used to shape your actions, behavior, decisions, and even the company culture. But first you need to identify what those values are. On this episode, I walk you through the process of determining your values and then give you additional tips that will help you use your personal values to drive career satisfaction.

Use your personal values to determine when to take action

When you experience a strong (positive or negative) reaction to something in your workplace, it is a clue that one of your values is being either honored or violated. Getting clear on what your values are can help you determine when you need to take action, and what action you need to take. On this episode, I show you how to determine how well your values are being met, and give some examples of actions that you might take in response.

Use your personal values to shape your own behavior

Once you have identified your personal values, make sure that you are living them out. The way that you show up, living and breathing your values, becomes the essential core of your personal brand. On this episode, I talk about being consistent between what you say is important and the way you actually treat others. Listen in to learn how not only your personal values, but also your company values, create the most job satisfaction when they are lived out in authentic ways.

Use your personal values to make career decisions

When you are interviewing for a new role, you can use your personal values to help determine whether or not that role or that company is the right fit for you. On this episode, I talk about how to ask questions that can reveal whether or not your values would be met in a new setting. Listen to learn how to identify your personal values and then use them to make good decisions about your career or within your current role.

Use your personal values to foster company culture

How are your personal values aligned with the values of your organization? When you link your values to those of the organization, you can bring another level of passion to actually strengthen the culture as you interact with your team, employees, and clients. Listen to today’s episode of The Success Talk Show for insights on how your personal values, linked with those of your organization, can create an extra level of passion and enthusiasm as you solve problems together and plan for the future.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Identify and use a set of personal values to drive your satisfaction with your career.
  • [1:22] Personal values are your opinion of what’s important to you.
  • [2:09] Tip #1 – How to identify your 5-8 personal values.
  • [4:15] Tip #2 – Use your values as a flag to determine when to take action.
  • [6:23] Tip #3 – Use your values to shape your own behavior.
  • [9:32] Tip #4 – Use your values as part of your decision-making process for a career move.
  • [13:11] Tip # 5 – Use your values to foster company culture.
  • Determine what your values are and use them to guide your decisions and actions.

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