Having a game plan for the week ahead — before you begin work on Monday morning — will set you up for success!

You’ll know precisely when you’re going to work on your most important projects. And, if a new request pops up, you’ll know whether or not you actually have any available bandwidth to take it on.

My recommendation for the best time to create this plan is over the weekend, after you’ve had time to relax and unwind!

Here are the steps:

(1)  Identify your “Top 3 Goals” for the week, based on your top 3 goals for the month, and write them on the top of the Weekly Planning Worksheet. By doing this, you’ll be clarifying your highest priorities for the coming week. Whenever you’re trying to decide where to shift your focus throughout the week, having these goals in front of you will help you stay on track to achieve your most important priorities.

(2)  For every day of the week, decide what projects or bigger assignments you’ll work on. Refer to your Monthly Planning Worksheet to see what you originally had in mind. Naturally, in your daily work, you’re faced with changes in your schedule and new assignments, but by referring to your monthly plan, you can make choices on how you’ll direct your focus and energy going forward. Write your #1 priority for each day on the worksheet.

(3) Next, write out the main focus of each half-day throughout the week. For example, your #1 priority on Monday could be to create a client presentation. It might require the entire day (or at least all of your available time) so you may write it across the whole day.