Do you like double dipping as much as I do?

I know, you’re thinking of George Costanza on Seinfeld with his hand in the dip, aren’t you?

My favorite type of double dipping is when you do something that has multiple benefits. Two for the price of one!

A great example of this is when you exercise: it’s good for your health, improves your mood, helps you sleep better, increases both your creativity and productivity and much more.

Praising someone for a job well done is just like that.

When you take the time to give positive feedback to someone on their contribution, it has multiple benefits:

  • Increases their self-confidence
  • Boots their engagement
  • Fuels their contribution
  • Builds relationships
  • Reinforces desired behaviors
  • Makes you feel good

Despite the tremendous benefits from recognition, the top communication issue cited for executives is not recognizing employees’ achievements. And, in a recent survey, only 10% of those surveyed reported they act on their impulse to express thanks on any given day.

Click here for full article “Why Thanking Employees Can Make for a Better Leader.

Let’s not leave recognition entirely in the hands of our executives. We all play an active role in shaping our workplace!

Here are a few tips for giving positive feedback:

  • Be Specific: Most of us have heard comments like “Nice job!” or “Well done.” While this is better than nothing, it’s far more impactful and beneficial to point out exactly what you liked about their effort or the results. This makes your message memorable and relevant.
  • Start Small: Not everyone is comfortable with public praise so, unless you know what makes them tick, play it safe with direct feedback. Send them an email with your feedback and copy their manager on the message. So simple yet rarely done.
  • Do it Today: At the end of the day, take a few minutes to follow up. If you put it on your task list or procrastinate a week or two, it becomes harder to do. It starts to fade in your mind and might get lost in the shuffle of your busy schedule.
  • Spread Your Appreciation: It’s easy to praise the folks out in front but be sure to look behind the obvious heroes to acknowledge the contributors who are often in the back office working miracles. Spread the love!
  • Do it Every Day: The more you recognize others sincerely, the quicker they’ll learn what’s important to you. It also makes recognizing others a daily habit. Once you are in the habit of doing it, you’ll find yourself looking through the lens of recognition more often!